Mission Statement

A comprehensive year-round soccer program committed to being the most prepared and organized. Our ultimate goal is to make playing at the collegiate level one of our player’s ultimate life experiences.

Goals (Future)

1. Hardest Working Team Without the Ball (Run)
2. Love Competition (Day by Day, 1-0 Today)
3. Winning Record
4. Qualify for the SWAC Championships
5. Win the SWAC
6. Qualify for the NCAA National Championship
7. Cultivate a professional soccer environment

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Program Philosophy

- Graduate every player who has a desire to play four years of soccer and want to obtain her degree.

- Have "Success" in both the classroom and soccer field.

- Teach the beauty of Love and Commitment within the team. “There is no joy the world can give like that which comes from joining good women in common purpose”.

- Leave a positive impact on the campus and in the community.

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System of Soccer

Run specific systems on offense, defense and set pieces. These systems will be consistent year-to-year but adaptable to our personnel.

My teams want the ball but are mindful of the overall objective, to score goals and to win games in an Elite soccer environment. I believe soccer games are won and lost in transition, how well one team can exploit another’s disorganization often determines the outcome of the game. My teams will value defensive transitions, counter pressing and will always have cover behind the ball. The team that reacts best to losing the ball, will often be the successor. My teams will look to dominate possession and create numerical overloads in wide areas of the field.

My job is to make sure our players fully understand the attacking and defensive principles. If they are able to execute what is required for each principle, tactical changes in formations/styles of play will be seamless and easy.

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Who We Play?

- Players who know what to do on the field.
- Players who do the job the way we want it done-Coachable players!!
- Players who are consistent in their play.
- Conditioned player. Lack of conditioning will keep players from functioning at a winning level.
- Dependable, Players who show up for meetings on time. Put personal distraction aside.
- Talent - Players who have the talent to succeed in the SWAC.
- Players who have a high level of enthusiasm for the game.

More In-depth Coaching Philosophy and Program Breakdown Upon Request

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